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TRON-News: BitTorrent ICO sold out on Binance after a short period of time

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TRON-News: BitTorrent ICO sold out on Binance after a short period of time

Home News TRON-News: BitTorrent ICO to Binance after a short time sold out

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The Token Sale of the TRON purchased platform BitTorrent focused yesterday on Binance launch pad. Already after a few minutes, all the tokens were sold out, however, revealed to the large crowd of some of the optimization gaps on Binance.

The Hype surrounding the ICO of the BitTorrent-Token provided for a short-term very intensive use and pollution of the ICO platform Binance launch pad, which was selected as a Medium for the alignment of the BTT-Sales. The platform, however, showed at the crucial Moment, some minor weaknesses. Potential buyers registered for the ICO, in order to reach the more than 54 billion BTT.

Although the ICO was carried out, there was a short-term Overload on the platform. Both TRON’s founder, Justin Sun, as well as the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, were critical to the circumstances. Users could not log in from time to time and, consequently, also not on the ICO to participate, since they could not buy tokens. The ICO was sold out in just under 18 minutes, so that a large number of investors could not participate in the ICO.

Zhao describes that he had not expected such a rush and the Binance will revise the technical Infrastructure. The actual error was due to the fact that the confirmation button for the registration to work properly (freely translated):

Full Transparency. The Problem today occurred, was caused by the caching / Locking the button “confirmation of the user agreement”. Most of the stress tests focused on the buying process, this part was not covered sufficiently. The order of the requests received has been retained.

For those of you who could not attend due to the technical error at the ICO, TRON perform a small Airdrop.

Justin Sun is trying to appease by an Airdrop on the minds of investors. Once created the Hype by Justin Sun also seems to be the new project of the BitTorrent platform, which has bought TRON last year for about $ 140 million, continues to stop.

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