Team Scheire needs your help.

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Lieven Scheire is a man with a mission: get a second set of Team Scheire, he wants to be again with the help of science and technology, the quality of life of a number of very special people improve. In doing so, he appealed to his team of modern inventors or “makers”: engineers, scientists and programmers, who in the first season of the Team Scheire few magical inventions have been realized.
A life-changing invention such as the unique landbouwvoertuig for Bart, who by a snowboard accident in a wheelchair, a photography app for the blind Monique, solutions to the fietsveiligheid to improve, to a demented man back independence: the team spared neither cost nor effort
Lieven and his colleagues can’t wait to re dreams in the second season of Team Scheire and therefore are looking for your stories, questions and tips.
Do you know someone who the help of Lieven and his team can use? You can see large or small needs when someone in your neighborhood? All your tips are welcome to .

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