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Renault F1 car out of Lego, 50 000 euro worth?

f061f768b6ee43a7b8a8fcc98e4fc4d2 - Renault F1 car out of Lego, 50 000 euro worth?

At the auction house ‘Artcurial’ on the tenth of February a special Renault F1 car under the hammer, it consists of 313 000 Lego blocks. The proceeds go to charity.

The R. S. 17 was unveiled by Renault on the thirtieth of november 2017 and is now being auctioned by the auction house ‘Artcurial.’ The estimated yield of this unique piece is between thirty and fifty thousand euros and will be donated to UNICEF.

To make the car as real as possible to resemble the bucket seat, the steering wheel and the wheels are not out of Lego blocks.

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