Muyters disappointed about nomination Banka for WADA: ‘not at All see it coming’

The Polish Minister of Sport, Witold Banka, came as best out of the vote of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg as far as the European candidate for the presidency of the world anti-doping Agency (Wada). Also, the Flemish Minister of Sport, Philippe Muyters (N-VA), was a candidate, but he bite in the sand. “I’m disappointed, but still I would like Witold Banka all success wishes,” said Muyters.

“The fact that Europe for me has chosen as candidate for president for the Wada is a great honor’, posted the 34-year-old Banka on Twitter. The Pool got 28 votes and was the Norwegian candidate Linda Helleland (16) well before. Philippe Muyters had to settle with five votes.

“I had this rash at all do not see it coming’, stuck out Philippe Muyters from the shore. “I had, from various countries and positive signals and was convinced a strong candidate. These differences I had not expected.’

“I’m disappointed, but still I would like Witold Banka all success requirements’, continued the Flemish Minister of Sport. ‘He is already in the Board of Directors of the Wada and will now have to pass the rest of the world to convince of his candidacy. After all, there is already a strong rival (the Dominican Marco Diaz, eds.). I keep myself a champion of the fight against doping and a clean sport.”

The vote was only advisory and must still be approved by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. If Banka a step it survives, wait for him in an election race with at least one candidate, the Dominican friar Marco Diaz.

The successor of the Briton Craig Reedie will be out in may will be chosen by the governments of the connected members. So there is still time for other candidates to sign. The official inauguration is planned for november.

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