Kinderrechtencommissaris: “What An Lemmens has done, is really not okay”

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Last week made An Lemmens disclosed the identity of someone who has her very lewd messages she had sent on Instagram. Now it turns out that a minor boy is going, she gets there briskly along.

Last week Sunday was the 38-year-old presenter for the umpteenth time raunchy messages in her inbox. “I like so hard fucking, so all you can hear is moaning, with you thick tit”, wrote the person in question. Because Lemmens regularly such crap about herself, she decided to take a screenshot of the message and post it, with the words: “I Will such messages in the future otherwise no longer be anonymous online?”. This left them with the account name of the poster is readable.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that a 15-year-old boy, and although she was unaware of his young age, went to the ‘The Voice Kids’-host, according to experts, in the error of his anonymity not to respect. “What An Lemmens has done, is really not okay. When a minor commit a crime, you will be in the newspaper could have his or her full name or picture. The law doesn’t allow that, not for nothing: minors have that additional protection is required. We all know that they sometimes have things out that are not evil are meant to be. But when that boy his messages to An Lemmens sent, he was not to consider the consequences,” says kinderrechtencommissaris Bruno Vanobbergen in TV Family.

“I can understand that she feels offended. Also, I find not that such a thing just on its course. But there are other ways to deal with this. You need a guy to shame. Make sure that he learn something. That is happening now probably not. On the contrary, the probability is great that he is being bullied”, it sounds still.

Educationalist Jane Bishop emphasized that such revelations are very damning for puberende young people. “You are standing in the nude, eh. That way, there are already tragedies have happened, such as people from the life because they are their friends not have eyes dare to come. Young people are so vulnerable, and that social media can be so terrifying,” she explains in a TV Family.

Or the action of An Lemmens is a crime, is not clear. “Such messages from minors to share on the internet and so their privacy is offended, is not wise. It is completely inappropriate to the identity of a minor. But whether it is a crime? That’s less clear. There is no similar case is known,” said juvenile court judge Luk Versteylen.

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