Home-actress in new family show

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At the beginning of this year was the news that Home-actress Daphne Paelinck this summer with her first child expected. But in addition, a baby she made with her friend and playwright at The guinea pigs a new show!

Omajacht is a warm performance about the good old days. Fairy, played by Daphne, thinks no grandmother, but, according to her best friend, everyone has one. So they must be hiding… Together with the audience they will go on an immersive quest filled with music, bits and pieces of the past. They discover what strange creatures old people sometimes can and in the end… Also where the granny of Fairy.

Theatre company The guinea pigs is known for its original family shows that the warm message the whole family can relate to. With this representation produces the company, that in his tenth season is in progress, a new story of the writer and the creative force behind The guinea pigs Randall Of Duytekom. As always, brings the author a theme from the lives of ordinary people in an unusual way told.

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