German police arrest three Iraqis suspected of terrorism

7b9ca3d61b77450ccbff1d3684532d58 - German police arrest three Iraqis suspected of terrorism

In the north of Germany are of three Iraqis arrested on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack, so have the police and the public prosecutor’s office on Wednesday confirmed. According to detectives, the three radicalised, but is not yet clear whether they were part of a terrorist organisation.

One of the men, Shahin F. (23), downloaded information about how to produce a bomb and ordered an ignitor in Great Britain. He learned also to drive a truck, because the trio was planning a truck to use in the attack, said parketmagistraten. When a terrorist attack with a truck in Berlin fell on Christmas 2016 twelve dead.

Hersh F. (23) together with Shahin F. suspected of planning a heavy attack. A third man, Rauf S. (36), would have helped them have to go in search of a firearm.

Holger Münch, head of the Bundeskriminalamt, the federal criminal police of Germany, said that the study brought to light was the fact that the suspects were planning ‘as many people as possible to kill’. However, they would have no specific target have had for the attack. They also had not sophisticated resources, as appeared from some of their tests with explosives, which they nieuwjaarsvuurwerk used.


The trio arrived in 2015 as a refugee in Germany, and received as such subsidiary protection. They were wed morning early in Dithmarschen arrested, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, in a raid in which special police units took part.

The police also searched homes in the länder of Mecklenburg-western Pomerania and Baden-Württemberg, but no arrests were made.

The German magazine” Der Spiegel” news that the three men support from strangers received via Telegram, a service for encrypted messages. The magazine also writes that one of the suspects had plans to make as many as possible ‘unbelievers, but no children’ to bring life.

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