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First for Bölöni? Antwerp-coach must be fine of 5,000 euros fear after critical remarks about videoref

bd17bdf0f1bbb3d28600e3a567b58b18 - First for Bölöni? Antwerp-coach must be fine of 5,000 euros fear after critical remarks about videoref

The three-man commission of the Pro League is to discuss the interview of Antwerp-coach Laszlo Bölöni after the league game last Friday against Standard. The management of the Pro League started Wednesday, the procedure of the rules of procedure on Respect for Referees. It is the first time since the creation of the commission that this happens.

Laszlo Bölöni was pretty annoyed after the 1-1-tie in a turbulent topper in which the home team still came back despite a red card. His irritation had of course everything to do with the decisions of the referee and the VAR. “I need videoref a look at home invite,” said the Romanian, and sighed. But above all he wanted to stress that his supporters in the 0-1 were affected by the lijnrechter. “As his flag, the height in cross, to see my players that also, eh. And then they keep that in mind. It looked like the 6th of december, because both teams have the colors red and white and the opponent was given a small gift. In our case, our Bolingi laid down and nothing happens.”

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In order to assess whether a statement is inappropriate or derogatory towards the referees, the Pro League ad-hoc committee together. Which consists of ex-trainer Ariel Jacobs (65), ex-player Gonzague Vandooren (39) and ex-ref Alexis Ponnet (78). If the management of the Pro League is that a player, coach or member of the board the integrity of the referee affected, the commission will be enabled.

The commission will Bölöni orally or in writing uithoren and gives a recommendation to the Board of Directors, which then must be confirmed by the Board of Directors. That advice consists of the non-payment of a fine. In the first instance, that fine of 5,000 euro, to recidivism, the penalty may be up to 10,000 euro fine. That money is re-invested in the arbitration.

After the match against Standard, that Season ended in 1-1, took Bölöni, the referee and the videoref in the grain, because of the red card for Lamkel Zé.

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