EU screw preparations on hard Brexit on

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The European Commission has reintroduced a series of proposals were adopted to the EU as well as possible to prepare for a hard Brexit.

The British house of Commons has prime minister Theresa May is a mandate given to the Irish net in the terugtrekkingsakkoord with Brussels to renegotiate. But they want the European leaders do not know.

“I want to repeat that we, the British government continued to encourage her intentions for the next steps as soon as possible, to clarify,” said European Commission vice-president Frans Timmermans.


According to Timmermans, the risk of a hard Brexit without agreement with the EU is steadily increasing. The Commission, therefore, has again, a number of proposals adopted to the preparation for this, on to screws.

So the Commission decided that the 14,000 young people who, at the time of the Brexit Britain to study via Erasmus, who studies will be able to continue and that they have the necessary resources. The same is true for the roughly 7,000 British Erasmus students in the EU.

The commissioners were agreed on one aspect of the rights of EU-citizens in the United Kingdom and vice versa. A European, for example, the Brexit 10 years in Great Britain has worked in before he got back to EU, in the calculation of his or her pension in the member state where he or she now lives, also entitled to the pension that sea is built up. The United Kingdom should do the same for people who retire. The same rule applies for all the accumulated social rights.


Finally, it promised the European Commission that the contract of Britons who now benefit from European funds, is removed. They will continue to get money, on condition that the United Kingdom, as well as his financial obligations in the European budget is concerned. That is quite apart from the financial arrangement in the terugtrekkingsakkoord, in which the British their contributions to the budgets of 2019 and 2020 have yet to meet, said Timmermans. That invoice is about 39 billion pounds estimated.

It comes to the last set of no deal-the preparations of the Commission. Earlier this year, the executive body of the EU is already 88 sector-specific guidelines. The parliament and the member states should have the light still on green. At the latest at the end of march the preparations around because of the steps the British out of the EU.

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