Efteling fits attraction to: no frizzy hair and nose rings more

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The controversial African and Asian dolls in the attraction Carnival Festival from The Efteling to be adapted to the current spirit of the time’.

The attraction for three months closed for the renovations, and major maintenance (from 4 march to 31 may). The puppets suddenly changed.

A number of scenes must be according to the Dutch amusement park will soon be more in keeping with the original theme: celebrate by various cultures around the world. “The dolls in those scenes to get a look that better fits the current spirit of the time, traditional African dress in place of nose rings for example.’

Not only the dolls that are for Africa to get a ‘new look’, also the Asian dolls with spleetogen and long front teeth to be adjusted. “It is even more of a party, only this time,” says the managing director of the amusement park Fons Jurgens.


In 2016, wrote a protest group an open letter to the ‘stereotypes’ of the attractions Monsieur whiterabbit aka stephen, and Carnival Festival to complain. That are extremely hurtful and racist, she said.

Monsieur whiterabbit aka stephen received criticism because of the black cannibal who is in the midst of spinning pots. That attraction is not yet adapted. But the park closes at term.

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