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Dutch royal family auction Rubens for seven million dollars

b0116e5c2ca8c7f7604e226e74e00bab - Dutch royal family auction Rubens for seven million dollars

A drawing of the hand of Peter Paul Rubens by the Dutch princess Christina is inserted at the auction house Sotheby’s in New York, Wednesday, for seven million dollars (over 6 million euro) were sold.

The piece is part of a number of works of art of the Dutch royal family, who under the hammer went at the auction house. The Rubens was in the possession of princess Christina.

The charcoal drawing of a muscular young man is a study for an altarpiece in the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp. The drawing is frequently described in the Rubens-literatureand and was often exhibited.

Sotheby’s estimated the proceeds from the Rubens to approximately $ 3 million. Work left for more than 8,2 million dollars the house of orange.

On 17 January, porcelain tableware and Chinese vases auctioned for 26.700 pounds (30,000 euros). There were also porcelain vases from the Qing dynasty between the plates.

It is not the first time that the Dutch royal family art sells. In 1988, for example, were two paintings in the possession of the king, was auctioned off for 700,000 euro. In 2012, the Atlas Munnicks of Cleeff, a folder with 1,200 seventeenth – and eighteenth-century drawings of the city and provindie Utrecht, sold for millions of dollars.

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