Driving ban for rapper Rascal

3dbda549e19a7106552882e955841b30 - Driving ban for rapper Rascal

The Dutch-language rapper, Villain, may for the next 18 months, no driving. The 25-year-old rapper received the punishment Wednesday imposed because of two gross speeding in 2016. On films that he is on internet, to see how he was with almost 300 kilometres per hour on the highway drove. Within the urban area of Tilburg, he reached a speed of 165 kilometers per hour. The magistrate explained to him a driving ban of 30 months, of which 12 months conditional.

In addition, should a Thief 6500 euro payment to the fund for road accident victims. The subdistrict court in Breda, called the behaviour of the Scoundrel “very dangerous”. He stopped at the statement, consider the example that the rapper has.

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