Dangerous cold snap hits US

cce9fb12d0dcbb8c3e6acf6a0ac949db - Dangerous cold snap hits US

Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The region around Chicago will see temperatures up to almost fifty degrees below zero in the valleys. A result of the polar vortex.

The cold snap stretches from the Dakota states to Maine. In the southern states of Alabama and Georgia snow expected.

In the Midwest In the bags to temperatures far below the freezing point. Hundreds of schools are closed and more than 1,000 flights have been cancelled.

“This storm is a serious threat to the people in our state,” said the governor of Illinois, and JB Pritzker. The city of Illinois can freezing temperatures of -33 degrees expect. By the cold wind is that a wind chill of -46 degrees.


State of emergency

In Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan is the state of emergency is declared, and also in Alabama and Mississippi. In Wisconsin is 60 cm of snow predicted.

Meteorologists in Iowa to warn people that they are not too deep may breathe, and ask as much as possible to stay inside. In such temperatures after ten minutes frostbite (freezing, red.) possible, says the National Weather Service (NWS).

According to John Gagan, a meteorologist from the NWS, ” the intensity of this cold air, but a once in a generation’. She is the result of the polar vortex: a circular wind, which, some twenty kilometers high in the stratosphere, around the poles, circling.


The American president Donald Trump, who are skeptical towards climate change, about the cold snap in a tweet sent. “What is going on with the warming of the earth? Come back soon, please. We need you!’

A weeragentschap of the U.s. government, the National Oceanic and Atmosperic Administration, explains on twitter that storms the warming of the earth does not contradict. The tweet is considered to be a rebuke of Trump.

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