Court takes up driver’s license Criminal off

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Bad luck for the Dutch rapper Rascal, who was on Wednesday ordered by a court due to excessive speed. Rapper Villain turns at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour on a highway in the Netherlands, driving the car, while he himself was filming. In the movie -that in the spring of 2016 was included – is to see how the rapper at a much too high speed through the streets of Tilburg to tear. At a certain moment in the film that Scoundrel a speed of 300km per hour. The movie made in 2016 for a lot of commotion in the Netherlands. The rapper was a few weeks ago when the judge expected, and Wednesday was told that the judgment in this case. The judge was not kind to the rapper as a Thief has now once to set an example. A lot of young people mirror the behavior of a Villain. The rapper was by the court ordered to pay 6,500 euros to the slachtofferfonds. In addition, the rapper, his driver’s license for a year and a half lost. That can still be extended by one year as Criminal again commits a violation. Boef was on the fact of the facts is still only 23 years, in the meantime he goes in the direction 26. The court considers that the Scoundrel meanwhile further developed and spoke therefore also not the heaviest punishment. Originally there was a ban on driving for 2,5 years asked, but then, unconditionally. A thief can all still laugh at his condemnation, he made sat night is already a joke on Instagram. In place of his rolls he will be in the future a little more often with the bus to drive. Or let us drive…

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