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Chelsea-coach Maurizio Sarri surprised with the statement: “Eden Hazard can leave whenever he wants”

Maurizio Sarri, the head coach of Chelsea at press conference prior to the league game on Wednesday (20h45), on a visit to Bournemouth, to let you know Eden Hazard is not obstructed in any way if the Blues want to leave. The captain of the Red Devils and shields for months with interest from Real Madrid. Next summer seems a departure is inevitable, since Hazard in London but has a contract until mid-2020.

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“Eden Hazard is 28 years old,” explained Sarri. “If he still wants to leave, then that’s good for me. I hope that he stays, that is for sure. Hazard is a great player. He has the potential to be the best player in Europe. My task is to him, even better try to make. I play him in the position where he us the most can teach.”

The 28-year-old Hazard as indispensable playmaker knows Chelsea so far a solid season. In the Premier League, the people of london on the fourth place, the last place that Champions League football guarantees, with 47 points after 23 matches. The Blues play on 24 February the final of the League Cup against Manchester City, while in the Europa League in the sixteenth-finals in a double confrontation with the Swedish Malmö awaits you. In the FA Cup finally, there is Chelsea in the eighth-finals to Manchester United.

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