Celien celebrates birthday with a special duet

38a65b8dda5be9a6928bacbc2e98ec7c - Celien celebrates birthday with a special duet

The musical career of Celien is clearly on the rise, witness the success of her previous singles. The singer was on 29 January, 26 years young and to make that birthday even more in the paint to convert appeared for the first time a duet with mother Margriet Hermans. With “Living Together” was chosen for a pop-cover of a hit from Jimmy Frey. In 1990, one year after the start of VTM was “Living Together” is also used as a campaign theme for the Lifeline-action by the Artists Against Cancer. Jimmy Frey was itself cancer patient.

“Living together” of Celien & Margriet Hermans was already on tv, and this on 31 december 2018 at the Gala of The Loftrompetten on Ment Tv. The single is available now o.a. available via well-known channels like iTunes and Spotify,

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