American soulzanger James Ingram died

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The American soulzanger and songwriter James Ingram is death. That has actress and singer Debbie Allen on CNN confirmed. On Twitter says All that she is her “best friend and creative partner” has lost. Ingram was only 66 years.

“Ingrams strong voice and masterful compositions,” have a lasting influence on the music business, according to a statement from the Recording Academy, which every year the Grammy awards. Ingram won himself two times for a Grammy: for the R&B-song “One Hundred Ways” and “Yah Mo B There”, a duet with Michael McDonald. He was fourteen times for the coveted music awards nominated.

Ingram also made hits with Patti Austin (“Baby, Come to Me”) and Linda Ronstadt (‘Somewhere Out There’). He has worked together with big names like Ray Charles, Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.

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