Ambulanciers are angry at VTM

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Last Monday, went on VTM SOS 112, a scripted reality tv series in which cameras have the MUG, ambulanciers, and the emergency room follow. The program was Monday night around 320,000 viewers. Among them, a lot of people who are attracted by the program: nurses and ambulanciers. And who are angry, very angry even. In the new scripted reality tv series Real stories: SOS 112 brings VTM every weekday fascinating stories about medical interventions: the series zooms in on people that need medical attention, and especially on the people that provide assistance. All the stories are according to the makers true but those stories were scattered slightly modified and recorded with actors. But apparently there are a lot of errors in the program. Various nurses and other mental health professionals are screaming murder and fire. “This is a disgrace”, what it sounds like.

“It Is intended as ambulancier that ge everyone’s laughing at Ellen?”, asked one of the viewers is Tuesday night. “SOS112 a shame about reality and respect for the ambulanciers!!”, responding to another viewer. “Say VTM is still work to establish the credibility of your program. A doctor with long sleeves, nail Polish and rings… not really how it should be! #sos112 #of hand hygiene”, was one of the tweets that Monday evening, immediately after the first episode appeared. But Tuesday, there was still a very observant viewer: “Ambulancier going to urinating in public during the drive back to the hospital. Holding his plastic disposable gloves. To get back in. Hands (gloves) are not disinfected. Gets call and goes to the patient. Still has these gloves. “

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