All Kids presents … night Watch, weekendspecials and fun animated series!

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Every day and every weekend puts the tv option All Kids your offspring and the rest of the family well into the wadding. Now in the spotlight: ‘night Watch’, ‘Shimmer & Shine’ and ‘Grizzy and the lemmings”!

Night watch, topserie of Ketnet

The Gala of the Golden K’s was recently in its sixth edition, and one series jump in the eye. Night watch fell twice in the awards: the series was voted as the best Teen series of the year, and Nightwatch: The Gate of Souls was, according to the Ketnetters the film of the past year.
Are your children a fan of Vladimir, Wilko and Keelin? Good news! Using the tv option All Kids of Proximus TV, you get three seasons of the series. A weekend of thrills and shivers in Schemermeer? It can, and you don’t have the seat there not!


Shimmer & Shine: weekend special on Nick Jr.
A feast for the little ones, Shimmer & Shine. Saturday, February 2, at 8.30 am to get these witty twins a special Nick Jr.
Shimmer and Shine are a special twins… they are spirits, and love! Their friend Leah may each day wish for three things, and Shimmer and Shine and will do everything to make them come true. Only they have their forces still not as good below the knee. Therefore, there is already something wrong … and need to Shimmer and Shine all of their magic to use the stuff again.
In the special of this weekend is to see how Leah is a not so smart wish. They have an elephant hidden love for her friend Zac. And an elephant, which, of course, is not so easy to hide… I Manage to Leah to be her secret to keep?
The channel Nick Jr. is included in the All Kids tv option from Proximus TV and in Flanders and Brussels to watch it on channel 157.

Grizzy and the lemmings, every day on Boomerang
Do you know the bear Grizzy already? He lives in a beautiful nature park in Canada and try a quiet life to lead. If the forester road, Grizzy moved into his house and he will benefit from all the comforts: a comfortable seat, air conditioning, and not to mention, a well-stocked kitchen. But … Grizzy is not there. Are luilekkerleven in the house of the forester is thoroughly disturbed by a few lemmings. At first glance, they are cute and harmless, but they convert the quantity completely on its head! The whole house is transformed into a true amusement park by the lemmings, that Grizzy but not with rest want to…
Curious about this funny animated series about a bear that want peace and quiet and a handful of druktemakers him that don’t give?
Every day for 15 hours, you can of Grizzy and the lemmings enjoy on Boomerang. This transmitter is included in the All Kids tv option from Proximus TV and in Flanders and Brussels to view on channel 153.

All Kids

The All Kids tv option has everything to take your kids to spoil. With the Kids Channels , you get five extra channels with special focus on small and larger children. A unique offering with the funniest cartoons, series and music, for Studio 100 HITS is included.

In addition, you get with All Kids, also the Studio 100 GO Pass, an extensive selection of series, musicals, movies, music, books and games.

Finally, it gives All Kids you also have access to the range of Ketnet and Pebble TV on request. So can you and your children the best series of these stations to watch when you but want to.
A Kids tv-option to order, you need tv pack to choose. All Kids is included in Tuttimus.
More info about Proximus TV offering for children? Click here!

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