80-year-olds steps unforgettable world tour in Dallas

0761881bf72449332f2e0f53156c8d89 - 80-year-olds steps unforgettable world tour in Dallas

Eight energetic 80-year-olds pack their bags for the most memorable trip of their life. From Thursday, January 31, pulling them together with Olga Leyers and Sieg De Doncker from one breathtaking destination to another in the new VTM-programme ” Around The World with 80-year-olds. Their first stop is Dallas, followed by Mexico, Iceland, Dubai, South Africa, Bangkok, Mongolia, and Japan. At each destination, one of them a unforgettable surprise me).

“I have my teeth sandwiched, because I think I often with open mouth will stand,” laughs the enthusiastic Adi (83, Oostende) for her departure. They get just as Vital (82) from Ghent and Aureel (82) from Houthulst for the first time in her life on a plane. “It’s like you’re in heaven,” says Mariette (79, Lokeren). The 78-year-old Willy from Mol is the benjamin of the group, the 85-year-old René from Velm the senior. Former model Amanda, 84, Chapels) and truck driver Elise (84, Rumst), for whom the trip to Dallas even more special is complete the company.

After the bags are packed, the to do lists are checked off and the ration for the family is moving, is everyone ready for the plane to go. Destination unknown. The surprise is also great as the group after a flight of 12 hours set foot on ground in Dallas, Texas. There the journey started, both of the luxury hotel as of the big city and the culture. The first stop promises to be a trip down memory lane, with a visit to the legendary set of the tv series Dallas and the place where president John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

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