Wendy and French after the break-up: lesson learned

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At the end of december we had the first images of the couple were made. After their short marital breakdown appeared Wendy Of Mittens and Frans Van Coppenolle together again on the red carpet of the musical Hansel & Gretel in the Capitole in Ghent. After their quite flaming argument on the social media, have proved to be Wendy, and French again happy to be together. A conversation with them sat there then, not Wendy nor the French wished yet to comment. That was last week, or else when the torque on the red carpet of 30 years, VTM has appeared. Wendy had her French thanks to the VTM-programme “Who is the husband of Wendy?” know, and they could not be lacking on the showbizzfeest of 2019. This week the couple in Day All. In the weekly magazine tells Wendy that everything between her and the French back in order. “The French now know that social media is not the ideal place to have your heart in the skies” responds Wendy in the magazine. But your heart opluchten can really be virtue to do, especially if you are at that moment no one else to have your heart once more to pour out. The chunks are thus, once again, glued between Wendy and French, that is the good news. But that would therefore mean that the between Wendy and her oldest son Dylan may not go well. “Gosh, there feed, I’d rather not. As I said: in many people, things happen, and that is with me just the same. Our family is not more unique than another,” says Wendy. Her son Dylan is the reason of her marital breakdown with Wendy or not? We will never know. The fact is that Wendy’s daughter-in-law Bo the interests of Wendy is no longer responsible. Or French and now again her manager is? “He’s never really been. I have my business always represented! My daughter-in-law is equally indented, but that was a temporary solution.”

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