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Van Eck: Bitcoin investors shifting their capital to Gold

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Van Eck: Bitcoin investors shifting their capital to Gold

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Bitcoin is regarded as a safe new value system that can replace in the future, even Gold. A prominent expert in the industry, Van Eck, describes in his last Interview that, in his opinion, more and more Bitcoin investors pull their money out of the digital Asset, and buy Gold.

The CEO of the company Van Eck Associates Van Eck, said in an Interview to CNBC that Bitcoin was in 2017 with an outstanding investment decision. However, he sees more and more customers invest their money in precious metals such as Gold (freely translated):

Bitcoin has won in the last year of 2017, something of Gold.“ Later, he added: “Interestingly, we surveyed just 4,000 in Bitcoin to investors, and your most important investment for 2019 is actually Gold. So Gold has lost its Bitcoin and now it’s different.

Within the last three weeks, Bitcoin could be the critical to 4,000 Dollar mark can not break through, so this may have prompted investors might reconsider their investment. CIO of Seymor Asset Management, Tim Seymour, sees Bitcoin will also become increasingly critical (freely translated):

We have lost not only the entire liquidity of the underlying, but also outside of the existential Blockchain-arguments. It is very difficult to argue about values, about which we have started.“ Seymour added: “Gold.” is a store of Value, and you can’t deny that.

Van Eck has created the in trader circles, well-known Gold ETFs, the GDX Gold Miner ETF and GDXK-Junior-Gold Miners ETF are known. According to the company, these assets have shown values within the last three months, a strong Performance (freely translated):

In most of the days of the fourth quarter, as the S & P were to fail, the GDX is in full swing. This decoupling makes me really very fond of gold equities as a Diversifier.

According to the CNBC report, the GDX ETF has achieved a value increase of 14%. This was the best Performance since the second quarter of the year 2016. Furthermore, the GDX has risen this year by nearly 1 percent, while the S & P 500 by 6 percentage is increased. The evaluation of Van Eck should not be overstated, since in this case also economic interests in the foreground.

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