US impose sanctions on Venezuelan oil company PDVSA

63b33a659c3f2bb36b9dd3eb3bf06bf4 - US impose sanctions on Venezuelan oil company PDVSA

The USA have sanctions brought against it by the state-led Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. That John Bolton, the national security adviser of U.s. president Donald Trump, on Monday communicated. In that way, enter Washington the pressure on Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro on.

PDVSA is sanctioned because it is a ‘corruptievehikel’ would be, so notify US. The refinery to Citgo, a subsidiary of PDVSA in the United States, will be able to continue to function. The financial transactions of its subsidiaries shall occur through an escrow account, clarifies the American minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin.

The US call on the Venezuelan army to a ‘peaceful transfer of power’ to accept.

In Venezuela the past few days hundreds of thousands of people on the street come to protest against Nicolas Maduro. The Venezuelan president was on January 10, sworn in for a second term. But Wednesday, opponent and president of the parliament, Juan Guaido self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela. The USA, Canada, Israel and several South American countries stand behind the interim president, but the army support Maduro.

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