United Arab Emirates harvest criticism after issuing genderprijs to group of men

The vice-president of the United Arab Emirates had on Twitter about ‘the great leaps forward that the country makes in the area of women’s rights’, while he was the national prize for gender equality to hand out prizes to a group of laureates who are only men.

Other users of Twitter did not to criticism on the announcement of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoem, vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and the emir of Dubai.

Both the regeringswoordvoerders of the United Arab as Dubai were not reachable for comment, reports news agency Reuters.

The World Economic Forum places the United Arab Emirates on the 121ste position in a ranking of 149 countries, which is about gender equality in the field of education, health and political participation.

Critics say that a lot of legislation in the United Arab Emirates still discriminatory for women. So is rape within the marriage there is no crime, and domestic violence permitted ” as long as the limits imposed by the islamic law, does not exceed’.

Have decided the United Arab Emirates last december that the half of the advisory body of the government, henceforth, women must exist. This institute advises the government on legislation and the budget, but has no executive power.

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