Turkey and Hungary tumbling on corruptielijst

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According to the new annual corruptielijst of Transparency International, is the issue of corruption in the past year worldwide only become bigger and bigger. In Europe, in particular Hungary and Turkey a bad turn.

‘With the rise of populist and autocratic leaders, are worldwide democratic institutions come under pressure. Therefore, We must do more to protect the separation of powers to strengthen and civil rights guarantees, ” says Patricia Moreira, a director at Transparency International with the publication of the annual report.

Therein are 180 countries ranked on the basis of the perceived amount of corruption that takes place, by surveys to take for businessmen, experts and journalists. How corrupter a country, the lower the score goes down on a total of one hundred points.

For the umpteenth year in a row Denmark (88 points) and New Zealand (87 points) at the top of the list as the least corrupt countries. Finland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany and the United Kingdom complete the top ten.

Belgium scores just like last year, 75 points. Our country sinks to be of the sixteenth to the seventeenth position in the ranking, as other countries progress made in the fight against corruption.

Concerns about Hungary

Fourteen countries in the top twenty Western European countries or member states of the European Union. However, says Transparency International sounding the alarm about what the stagnant fight against corruption’ on the continent calls it. So is there gedraald with the translation of the strict European anti-corruption legislation in national legislation, noted the anticorruptiewaakhond for example.

The worst pupils in the European classroom, Bulgaria (42 points, 77th position) and Greece (45 points, finished 67th position). Of concern, however, is the sharp decline of Hungary under prime minister Viktor Orbán let recording, as is Transparency International. Hungary (46 points) lost in five years time 8 points, and tumbled in this way to the 64th place. As decided in the EU country recently to foreign ngo’s to curtail, and drew the government more power to judges to appoint, and there are allegations of the misuse of EU funds.

The poor score of Turkey (41 points, good for 78th position) makes the organization also provide.

Also USA is losing ground

Striking: the United States (71 points, 22nd position) will fall this year outside the top twenty. Transparency International blames that more on the tendency of president Donald Trump to freedom of the media and international organizations to criticize, incendiary language to use, and easy solutions in the fight against corruption and the conflict between his duties as president, and his business interests.

All the way at the bottom of the ranking are countries like Venezuela (18 points, 168ste position), Afghanistan (16 points, 172nd position) and South Sudan (13 points, 178th annual position). Of all the 180 countries surveyed is Somalia the hekkensluiter, with less than 10 points.

About the costs of corruption are no exact calculations, only wild estimates. Which range from 1% to 5% of global gdp. The global gdp is 65 trillion euros. If 3 percent of them to corruption, we speak about a total amount of 2 trillion euros.

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