Tuesday in The Application on FOUR

2199b257cc7a1ccb3a3a4410ac2598e9 - Tuesday in The Application on FOUR

In the fourth installment of The Application have CEO Rik De Lannoy and expert Jonas Coussemont of V-Formation, a very quirky application approach. The two men are looking for a young and dynamic project coordinator for their attractiebedrijf. To break the ice and immediately the dynamic character of the candidates to test, they open the call with a game of shadow boxing. Uncomfortable or not, the candidates have only one chance to make a good first impression. They can so, but better boxing as if their life depends on it …

Circus performer Juan has his first job interview not really prepared, but relies on his charming personality. The sporting Charlotte wants a job in which they are 100% working. Naomi hopes that her relevant experience an advantage will be. And according to Nigel, you should always continue to strive for a higher and better purpose.

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