Trump talks State of the Union on 5 February

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The American president Donald Trump will make his State of the Union address to comment on 5 February for the Congress in Washington. That says the Democratic chairwoman of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Trump was forced to make the speech, which is Tuesday they had planned, to postpone due to the ‘shutdown’, the partial closure of the federal government. The shutdown ended on Friday provisionally, for three weeks, after which the government more than a month had paralysed.

“When I you on 23 January wrote, I reported that we had to work together to a mutually acceptable time and place, after the reopening of the public services, which the State of the Union could take place,” wrote president Pelosi in a letter. ‘In a call today, we agreed on 5 February.’

The organization of the State of the Union, the annual speech where the Us president his program and vision for the future of the country from the cloth does, led to a game of armwrestling between Trump and Pelosi.

After Pelosi suggested that the speech of the president to postpone the shutdown, remove Donald Trump a foreign trip of the Democrate.

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