Trump-ally Roger Stone pleads innocent in Russia-affair

8226e656dbdb8fcff31121c5c819c16b - Trump-ally Roger Stone pleads innocent in Russia-affair

As a long-term confidant and former adviser of the Us president, Donald Trump has Roger Stone Tuesday for a court in Washington, innocent argued, in respect of any criminal charges by special prosecutor Robert Mueller in the Russia affair. This have local media corresponding to reported.

Mueller shedding from or during the election campaign of 2016 interference because Moscow has been and whether there is a ‘collusion’ between the campaign team-Trump, and Russia.

Stone is the last confidant of Trump, who by special prosecutor Mueller is accused in connection with the Russia-research and he was Friday arrested at his home in Florida. He was provided a security deposit of $ 250,000 was set free again feet.

Mueller accuses Stone on seven points: obstruction of justice, five times for false declarations and one time for manipulation of witnesses. According to the conservative news channel Fox and other media has Stone on all points innocent pleaded.

In the research-Mueller – by Trump a ‘witch hunt’ – is Stone the sixth accused in the intimate circle around the president.

Stone would be sentenced for a prison term of 50 years as he, on all levels, were found guilty, but according to experts, it is unlikely that he is such a heavy punishment would get.

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