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Still no eighth finals Champions League for Oostende after loss to Besiktas Istanbul

a39f411e40eb2cf7a99dbd2c9b0fc5fc - Still no eighth finals Champions League for Oostende after loss to Besiktas Istanbul

No seventh victory in a row for Ostend, and yet no place in the 1/8th finals of the Champions League. The kustploeg lost at Besiktas Istanbul and next week should the slotspeeldag in the Versluys Dôme win of the Strasbourg Belgian Lion Quentin Serron.

Besiktas Istanbul-Ostend 80-71

In the first half ran Ostend a few times out and had to 10-18 and 24-32, via Chase Fieler, Nemanja Djurisic and TJ Williams that important (67-73 defeat, red) achtpunten-bonus bite. Jason Rich (ex-Oostende) was with three bombs, the editor of the remonte and also Ivan Buva had Besitkas halfway, still a 40-39 lead bite. In the third quarter remained Jason Rich shine and especially bombs dropping. Oostende suffered losing the ball, got a few “calls” and of 51-45 went to 53-63 and up 70-55. The kustploeg hung in the ropes, but picked up in the slotkwart with a blistering defense. After a 0-9 was the connection almost a fact: 70-64. Robin Benzin and Ivan Buva loodsten Besiktas through the difficult period and to profit. Kyle Gibson, also ex-Ostend, if less than thirteen minutes to play and scored 2 points.

Besiktas Istanbul: (28 of 55 shots, including 9 of 21 triples, 15 to 21 vrijworpen and 19 errors) PRESSEY 0-0, RICH 12-12, VEYSELOGLU 0-6,YILDIZLI 0-0, BUVA 11-12, Geyik 8-0, Benzing 2-10, Cantekin 2-0, Gibson Is 2-0, Mutaf 0-0, Sipahi 3-0

Oostende: (28, 53 shots, including 4 of 15 triples, 11 to 13 vrijworpen and 20 errors) DJORDJEVIC 2-1, LASISI 2-7, KESTELOOT 0-4, FIELER 6-2, MARIC 4-1, TJ Williams 8-4, Lambrecht 0-0, Schwartz 0-3, Buza 0-0 , Mwema 0-3, Desiron 4-0, Djurisic 10-10

Quartz: 13-18, 27-21, 30-20, 10-12

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