Ruth Becquart thinking about revenge in the new season of Ghent-West

With an average of 512 077 viewers and 24.2% on VVA 18-54 was the first season of Ghent-West last year, immediately hit the bull’s eye for FOUR. Tomorrow the new season of the gevangenisreeks of start, and this main character, Veronique (Ruth Becquart) has only one goal: she wants to take revenge on the murderer of her daughter Luna.

After the murder on Cat Jacobs was Veronique in seclusion placed. Sam made use of the opportunity to drug trafficking within Ghent-West to palms. But when the new gevangenisdirectrice The Sutter (Gert Portael) goes to work, she wants the prison drug-free. The Sutter sees in the broken Veronique, the lady par excellence to Sam of her drugstroon to push and get her out after months of seclusion. But Veronique has other plans: they want to, still on revenge and wants, at all costs, the murderer of her daughter to kill…

Ghent-West – Wednesday at 21: 30, at FOUR

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