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Robbe Ghys as the leader to the last evening in six days of Berlin

Robbe Ghys and Dutchman Wim Stroetinga have Monday after the fifth day taken the lead in the six-day of Berlin.

The Belgian-Dutch duo has 372 points and has a round edge on the Germans Roger Kluge and Theo Reinhardt (358 pts). The Danes Marc Hester and Jesper Morkov, Sunday evening is still at head, to follow as a third, also on a round (357 pts).

The Dutchman Melvin van Zijl and Jules Hesters have to be content with a place seven (305 pts), in four rounds.

– Stand after fifth day:

1. Wim Stroetinga – Robbe Ghys (Ned/BEL) 372 pts

1 round:

2. Roger Kluge – Theo Reinhardt (Ger) 358

3. Marc Hester – Jesper Morkov (Den) 357

4. Wojciech Pszczolarski – Daniel Staniszewski (Pol) 355

5. Andreas Graf – Andreas Müller (Austria) 324

4 rounds:

6. Henning Bommel – Kersten Thiele (Ger) 340

7. Melvin Van Zijl – Jules Hesters (Ned/BEL) 305

10 rounds:

8. Moritz Augenstein – Sebastian Schmiedel (Dui) 237

9. Maximilian Beyer – Achim Burkart (Ger) 192

12 rounds:

10. Nick Stöpler/Maikel Zijlaard (Ned) 212

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