Richer than you Think? find musical instrument of great historical value

Richer than you Think? on Tuesday, for the second time a guest in muziekcentrum De Bijloke in Ghent. One estimate sounds already – literally – as music in the ears for a visitor. A woman bought at a flea market in England for 1 pound a tiny wooden box, not knowing what the object exactly was. Mario Coppens, an expert in Oriental art, explains: “This is a case in which a mondharp saved”. The box is very old and refers even to the mayas and the Incas, pre-columbian cultures in South America. “What concerns me does this object belong in a music museum”, says Coppens.

Also Tiany Kiriloffs eyes twinkling Tuesday: “I see a double c, and I am immediately drawn to!”. The man managed to get a Chaneltas in a unique way: he offered out of curiosity during an auction at a closed suitcase, left behind was at an airport. Therein, the bleaching all kinds of designerstukken, including the handbag from Chanel. “The fashionista was apparently not worth the effort to return them to pick up,” says the man. However, it is an exceptional instance, according to the fashion expert.

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