Premier May want to restart at the table with the EU about echtscheidingsakkoord

7080d8cfbab8b08092b9d5a514d97c91 - Premier May want to restart at the table with the EU about echtscheidingsakkoord

The British prime minister Theresa May wants the negotiations on the echtscheidingsakkoord with the European Union to re-open. That has its spokesman said in the run-up to a debate in the British parliament.

Tonight agree the British house of Commons about possible revisions to the Brexit deal of premier May. The chance that there is finally a breakthrough, is small. In the run-up to that debate to leave May know they are again with the EU at the table wants to go to the echtscheidingsakkoord to adapt.

‘The United Kingdom continues to believe that it is absolutely in the interest of the UK is to leave with an agreement, but we have an agreement on the support of the parliament and that will be a few changes to the terugtrekkingsakkoord require, ” says the spokesman for 10 Downing Street during a press briefing.


By indicating that she is again with the EU at the table wants to sit down, premier May that won seem for the proposal from the Conservative backbencher Graham Brady. Who has the proposal placed on the table to an alternative to search for the backstop.

The chance is very small that the EU concessions will do. The European Union has until now always refused to echtscheidingsakkoord to reopen.

Compromise would be akin to treason committing to the pro-European Irish and that the EU can not afford. The official communication is: we do not negotiate more about the scheidingsakkoord which the backstop is a part.

Sabine Weyand, the influential deputy chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, said yesterday that Europe is open to ‘alternative arrangements’ to the Irish border to stay open. “But it is up to the British to put forward concrete proposals to come, and that there are not. Also the amendment of Brady brings about no brightness.’


May reached in november last year an agreement with the European Union on the conditions for orderly departure of the United Kingdom. The agreement was two weeks ago, however, with the vast majority to be rejected in the British parliament. According to 10 Downing Street was that defeat to the backstop, the vangnetoplossing that is figured out to be a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland to avoid.

May take Tuesday afternoon, the word in the parliament. This is followed by a debate on amendments that mps have submitted to get a handle on the next steps in the Brexit process. The amendments are adjustments to the plan B that the British prime minister last week to the house of Commons has submitted.

There are fourteen amendments to the vote ready. A number of these amendments will send a removal or modification of the Irish backstop. Parliament speaker John Bercow at the beginning of the debate to announce which amendments are to be voted upon.


According to Sky News wants May that the parliament on 14 February final votes on the scheidingsplan. Therefore, there are still three weeks to find a solution. But that deadline can, of course, have shifted.

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