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Political tension on the field: losing thuissupporters pelting Qatari with shoes after defeat in Asian Cup

Qatar has placed itself for the final of the Asian Cup. It won’t of homeland United Arab Emirates with 4-0 and that was not to the liking of the thuissupporters. Qatar in the final against Japan.

The ‘on paper’ at home playing Qatar knew in the Mohammad Bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi very few problems with the United Arab Emirates. Even before the break had Khouki and Ali Qatar on a large 2-0 lead placed. The second goal of the Qatari went to the hometown audience by the ribbon: it was raining shoes and other objects in the direction of visitors. In the Arab world, throwing shoes is the way to disapproval to express. To no avail: Al Haidos and Ismail in the midst of the final stage, the final (4-0).

The aversion against the Qatari has clearly political grounds. Qatar hit are becoming more and more isolated within the Arab world, to the extent that five Arab countries (Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia) on June 5, 2017 all diplomatic relations broken with neighboring Qatar. They accuse Qatar of its relationships with terrorist groups like the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, to the region to destabilize. According to them, had the Emir of Qatar expressed its views on the superpower, Iran, which cannot be disregarded. That news was according to the Qatari the result of ‘hackers’ in an attempt Qatar in a bad light. The shiite Iran is for the mainly soenietische countries enemy number one. Since the incident, the Qatari is not immediately popular in the region.

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