Play along with Tom Waes and win tickets to the exclusive kick-off event of ‘Undercover’, the new fiction series by One!

Dive with Tom Waes in a online game and win tickets to the top secret kick-off event on February 16!

From February 24, you can Waes shine on One in the new fiction series ‘Undercover’ where Proximus, her shoulders set. Tom organises on 16 February, a small but spectacular launch of the series in a secret location where you are together with him and the other actors, though a few episodes can see.

You can do so! How? Play the online Undercover game, answer the 3 questions and test your skills as undercoveragent. Note the tips are in the game hidden and who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the 50 lucky winners who can join to this exclusive top-secret event.

Click here to play!

Good luck!

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