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Pirelli is waiting with a frightened heart the F1-wintertests off

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Within three weeks the pre-season tests of Formula 1 to continue in Barcelona. With the weather conditions last year, the thought keeps tyre supplier Pirelli now all studiously the weather in the holes.

Last year was the first testweek is almost a measure for anything due to the bad weather. The Circuit de Catalunya was plagued by freezing temperatures and snow and the conditions were therefore not representative for the normal conditions in which an F1 car works.

At Pirelli, they hold their breath for a similar scenario for this year when the F1 circus a week earlier to Spain than last year.

“Until January, it was still spring weather in Barcelona,” said Pirelli boss Mario Isola at the ‘Motorsport.’ “At this time, however, much colder and we all know what happened last year happened.”

“We are a bit worried because we were there this year a week earlier than in 2018. But you never know, we have had beautiful weather in early February but equally we have also wintry conditions.”

Last year went there to vote on in order to find other places for the pre-season tests. Bahrain was a much-mentioned option, but ultimately it was Barcelona chosen.

Isola says that the weather in Barcelona is rarely representative of what is to come during the season, but the location is a good compromise. The teams have all have a base in Europe.

“The temperatures are usually at freezing but by the afternoon it was quite pleasant. I am sure that the teams of that era will use for the tire testing.”

“To that end, we again have need that some representative is. For the teams is the starting point a little different because they have to develop a car. Their priority is as much as possible kilometers afmalen, as close as possible to their home.”

“If you then new parts need, you can they are easy to send,” decision Isola.

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