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Parquet on reopened Cold Case: ‘new tracks will be fully investigated’

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‘Cold Case’, a new programme on VTM, promises after 22 years with the murderer on the young Antwerp Sally Van Hecke to expose. The Antwerp public prosecutor now has more explanation out of concern for the course of the further research.

‘The series of Cold Case can be the normal course of the judicial investigation severely disrupt.’ That is, in the opinion of the public prosecutor’s office about the new program on tv, Cold Case. The program would be in accordance with VTM News ‘the suspected perpetrator’ of the murder indicate.

Cold Case resurfaces in the case of the young Sally Van Hecke. Two playing children found on August 10, 1996 her body to the Antwerp beach of Sint-Anneke. The twenty-year-old Van Hecke, mother of a 3-year-old daughter, was with brutal violence to the life. The young woman was addicted to heroin and tippelde to the addiction to pay.

The research of the Antwerp judicial police, led never to the arrest of a perpetrator. In 2005, the case was closed.

The public prosecutor now gives more info about the study: ‘Eight years, the officers went looking for the perpetrator or perpetrators of this horrific murder. Were 800 tips examined, were experts appointed, there are more than thirty international assignments to the Netherlands and Germany and was the program ” Call 2020’ enabled. The hoped-for breakthrough did not happen and therefore was the subject of judicial investigation in 2005 are provisionally closed.’

New slopes

In 2017, the investigation was, however, reopened. That happened after a journalist Kurt Wertelaers ‘a number of new slopes’ had submitted to the court.

Wertelaers began in 2016 with a private study. One of the few tracks was the robotfoto of a man, with whom Sally that night to 4 hours in the car was boarded. A robust man, with long dark hair in a tail was bound. He had cowboy boots, with a blunt tip. In addition, reed the man with a striking, blue American vintage car.

The first details seem to be in accordance with VTM to point to the 70-year-old Claudy P., a man from the Waasland in 2011 to 20 years in prison was condemned for the murder of two other women.

Screened again

The research was, and is, however, seen more broadly, the parquet is now. ‘A forensic expert of the NICC (National Institute for Forensics and Criminology, ed.) has the entire file re-screened, with thanks to the scientific evolution a number of new tracks have come to light which be fully investigated’, it sounds.

The public prosecutor stresses that there are still new tracks ‘fully investigated’. It therefore wants a ‘constructive conversation’ with VTM on ‘Cold Case’.

The Antwerp public prosecutor responded Monday evening, very wroth with the announcement of ‘Cold Case’. The prosecution did not substantively discuss the case, but suggested that the investigation is ongoing and the VTM-series that could harm.

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