Palestinian government offers resignation to

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The Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah has Tuesday to president Mahmoud Abbas of the resignation of his government. This is evident from a statement of his cabinet. It is now up to Abbas to resign or not to accept.

This move by the current government is paving the way for the formation of a new government, which must consist of fractions of the Palestinian liberation organisation (PLO), such as Sunday by the central committee of Fatah was recommended. A new PLO government would officially end usher of the stalled attempts at reconciliation between Fatah, the party of Abbas, and the radical islamist movement Hamas. Hamas sweeps since 2007 the scepter over the Gaza strip.

The first government who, in 2013, by Hamdallah was formed, consisted primarily of independent technocrats and some members of Fatah. In June 2014, it was again up to him to form a government. That was then called a ‘government of national consensus”, we are against such, which in view of the planned verzoeningsgesprekken were open to ministers of other parties, including Hamas. There were, however, never Hamas ministers have been appointed.

Since 2006, there are in the Palestinian territories, no parliamentary elections. The last elections were won by Hamas, which a year later, seized power in the Gaza strip. Israel, the European Union and the United States regard Hamas as a terrorist organisation.

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