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Oldest club in the world Notts County up for sale after racy photo of owner Alan Hardy: “I’m completely devastated”

Notts County is on sale. Owner Alan Hardy decided his club in the sale, after he discredited was hit by a racy photo on Twitter. Hardy placed Sunday on the social media is a screenshot of a comment on Twitter from an angry fan of Notts County. The bottom of the image were also other photos on the phone of Hardy, including one from a member.

The owner and president of the oldest professional club in the world, founded in 1862, deleted the message soon. When was the suffering, however, had already been done. Hardy offered extensive apologies and promised immediately all of its activities on the social media to desist. “I will henceforth only through the official clubkanalen communicate.”

A few hours later, appeared on the website of Notts County the message that Hardy “reluctantly allowed” the club to purchase. The Englishman responded afterwards also at the BBC. “I am totally heartbroken. It is terrible what happened.”

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