Matt ‘Joey’ LeBlanc snatched souvenirs of ‘Friends’set

4c94eff4481225499ca368040b7a8a51 - Matt 'Joey' LeBlanc snatched souvenirs of 'Friends'set

The American actor Matt LeBlanc has in an interview admitted that he had a few things him to heart layers of the ‘Friends’set is maintained.

The latest installment of the popular series ‘Friends’ is already fifteen years behind us. One of the most quoted characters may still Joey Tribbiani, the man who, with the three words “How you doin’?” to almost any woman in bed and talked.

In an interview with talkshowpresentator Jimmy Fallon commented the former ‘Top Gear’presenter was back at the ten seasons long, wildly popular series. When Fallon asked him if he ever had something meegegrist of the set, said LeBlanc in the affirmative. “Do you remember the kicker table is still in the apartment of Joey and Chandler? I have the ball taken home. It’s somewhere in my tool box”, he chuckled.

The ball, however, was not the only thing LeBlanc said. “Do you remember, that drawing board to the door in the apartment where everything in it was written? That I at the end also taken into account. But not for myself. Man that drawing board volschreef, was Paul, the electrician. He invented always something fun on the board, something that is relevant for the story. So I stole it and gave it to him”, she said. “I had it for a lot more money to sell”, he smiled then.

The 51-year-old actor also told me that he didn’t like more to the ‘Friends’-repeats looks, because they make him feel that he’s very old. During an earlier interview in ” Live with Kelly and Ryan, he remembered a painful confrontation with a young fan. “A few years ago I walked on the street and cried, suddenly a 13 to 14-year-old boy ‘Oh my God, you are the father of Joey!’. I answered him: ‘Opkrassen, you!’, just like a old man would say”, he chuckled.

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