Marjan Berger has big plans

2b9da1d10b21ed27bdac3854222e17f7 - Marjan Berger has big plans

Marjan Berger brought to the program Ment on Sunday is a real scoop. The singer ended the interview saying that they have different meetings with Andrei Lugovski. So there would be at the end of 2019 a project coming in which Marjan and Andrei a lot of christmas concerts together would do. With “Perdere L’amore” and they sang a duet. Marjan hopes, in any case, more often together with Andrei to act.

In the meantime, Marjan Berger already 52 years on stage and she is busy with recording a new album. In the third week of February comes a new single to a say a very special number. No one would immediately expect of her … There is also a clip, which is included in Durbuy. Originally, the new song from South-Africa and will be with us, “I wanted to” be called.

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