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KV Mechelen is the place for cup final

KV Mechelen is the place for cup final

Leader KV Mechelen and non Union is resembled that will be a cup final to play against Oostende or Ghent. Storm took care of the assists, The Camargo and Tainmont were fatal. Malinwa can now on may 1, again in Brussels, a great exclamation point to put behind a strange season, as the by the operation Clean Hands extra-sporty not to First Amateur is referenced.

The striker has had this season still can not win of Mechelen, by the way, under coach Wouter Vrancken all 21 matches unbeaten. Twice lost and twice the same. But that last draw last week, 0-0 brought the Union in a comfortable position last night. To them after the peace with ten man fell, they were in Mechelen is also still the better team. Views on the first cup final for the traditieclub since … 105 years, the sold-out Joseph Marien stadium, dripping with nostalgia, was ready. So they had to go so for the first win of KVM, but the Slovenian coach Luk Elsner announced already in advance that his team was not afraid of KVM: “We can them hurt you.” That had in comparison with the first leg without the suspended Peyre, Perdichizzi took his place, also the recovered Mehlem started this time. In Mechelen replaced on the right rear Lemoine Bagayoko who is about to leave the leader In 1B.

First danger Union

And that Union KVM sometimes pain could do it soon proved, when first goalkeeper Verrips immediately flat was on a shot by Teuma, and a little later Teu Niakaté dangerous vrijspeelde. The first quarter was for the home team, enthusiastic energized by the hometown audience. KVM was barely on the ball and escaped an early deficit when Tau is superb, with a 50 meters deep ball sent by Teuma, the can be missed – only for the Director decided the able-bodied South-African mercenary of Brighton & Hove Albion.

But it continued to burn for Verrips, shortly thereafter, had the Dutchman where flat, on a shot of another Tau.

This seemed to be quite strong on the first half of the first leg: KVM didn’t answer quickly bewegingsvoetbal of Union Mechelen played. Only halfway the first half got KVM what is in the contest, with a first opportunity for Schoofs. But on the half-hour struck KVM suddenly fatal. A smooth spot of the Storm, followed by a sharp, hard ball, and the smart De Camargo put there perfect the back of his head against (0-1). His sixth this season, all in assist of the Storm. Very flattered but that was not the case of the visiting fans who already celebrated as was the zzsde cup final in the rich history of the club all within. Not illogical, Union had to two times and score a Golden Goal, it was their Brazilian-Belgian. And KVM came for d erust not in trouble, had after the goal the match under control.

Union had another 45 minutes to not only Mechelen, which is a disappointing Kaya replaced by Tainmont, pain to do but especially to two goals. And also came through two times Tau, his header fell on the cover strip, KVM came in again. And even when the Director suddenly unfamiliar and the ball dissolved. Without damage, but the nerves struck clearly. And Union blééf storms, KVM could only switch. But he did that with panache: again an assist from Storm and now made Tainmont. Broken spring in Union, match played, Union got no further than a eerredder in the slotminuut.

Historical bekerwinst

This plays Mechelen, 32 years after the historic bekerwinst in 1987, exactly ten years after their fifth, and last, a cup final. Very KVM to the sky. The same may of in 1987, in the frantic visiting tribune flew high and wide the flag with the late icon of the historic period, Lei Clijsters, and sounded proud of the old club song The Club Will be a Celebration… But they should over there to the gods to thank, it was just like in the ” home worse can happen. Brussels can prepare for a Mechelen Yellow Red invasion on 1 may.

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