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Killer of Kasparov stops with chess

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Vladimir Kramnik.

Former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik (43) stops profschaak. The affable Russian will schaakgeschiedenis be remembered as the man who seemingly unapproachable Gary Kasparov after 15 years of monarchy dethroned.

Vladimir Kramnik was already a few years to the top of the world when he countryman Gary Kasparov (37) in 2000 at the age of 25 surprisingly managed to beat in a straight fight for the world championship. Kramnik won the London persuasive with 8.5-6.5 in. A onkennelijke Kasparov, who, during the match, however, in a divorce proceeding involved was, won not a single party.

Kasparov had his former pupil Kramnik, however, not be underestimated. About Kramnik, he had respectfully said: ‘The others to move the pieces, but Kramnik plays chess.’ But Kramniks matchstrategie turned out wonderfully to work. He swapped the ladies always early in the game, which Kasparov was unable to benefit from his strongest weapon: his massive attack power. That tactic was Kasparov no answer.

‘Kasparov is not a evil guy, I think. I may be him, although I’ll be the only one, ” said Kramnik in an interview with our newspaper after he just Kasparov had dethroned.

Kramnik remained world champion until 2007. He won the world CHAMPIONSHIP matches of Peter Leko (2004) and Veselin Topalov (2006). He remained until last year to the schaakwereldtop include. In the just recent Tata steel tournament in Wijk aan Zee finished, however, disappointing last. He had, apparently, a few months ago decided to place his career to end.

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