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Keisse apologizes extensively for inappropriate behavior: “People who know me, know that I am no idiot.”

c9b7b3fe634c83f9192036218d058512 - Keisse apologizes extensively for inappropriate behavior: “People who know me, know that I am no idiot.”

Iljo Keisse during a press conference excused opposite the Argentine woman who is intimidated and felt after a few inappropriate gestures of Keisse in the making of a picture. An emotional Keisse defended himself with a long monologue.

Iljo Keisse: “First and foremost, I would like to say that I find this situation and position is not provided. I would like the story from my point of view to explain. We went after a workout in the high street. It was a Friday at 13h, we ordered a coffee, we paid and gave the waitress a tip. When we left, she asked for a photo. We did that, we like that a thousand times to do on rates. Then she asked, there was a photo. She stooped down, it was a strange position, and in a fraction of a second I did a stupid movement with my hand in the air. I want to be one hundred percent clear that I will not have her touched, not with my hand, not with my knees. There was no response from the girl, there were also many other people who saw and none of them started or responded. Afterwards, we returned to the hotel.”

Keisse stresses that he does not have any offensive intention. “People who know a little, know that I am no idiot. It was a stupid hunch. It was not my best joke ever, but it’s true. I would like to apologize to that girl. I made a mistake, I want me to be excused compared to the Argentinean population, against the organization that, because of this explanation to provide, and also against my team. I am one of the oldest riders in our team and have a task of wegkapitein and role model to play. That I not really done, but it was just a stupid human error.”

“I wish I could turn back time but I can not currently do more than me, apologise and promise that such things in the future will not happen. I feel at this moment a little bit treated like a criminal. I understand that it’s not fun for the girl, and that is also not for me, my wife, my two sons and my family.”

“The girl lodged a complaint with the police against me. I had to go to the police and have that Monday also done. I did my version of the facts, and that was for the police enough to close the case. The incident was closed, but apparently there is later a local newspaper jumped. The goods are after that inflated, but I hope that we can now just focus on the price. Or I the price is not better leave? To be honest, I have not touched. I’m not a thief, I am not a criminal, I am a human being who makes mistakes. I’ve regret what I’ve done, but I love it to prices and I want this week to continue to do so.”

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