John Malkovich brings Weinstein scandal to the theatre

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Actor John Malkovich will play the main role in a theatre piece that is inspired by the scandal surrounding the cases mediabaas Harvey Weinstein. “The piece would be some people may schofferen”, known Malkovich BBC News.

‘Bitter Wheat’, such as the piece by David Mamet in question is called, is a black comedy about an uncouth mediamogul, Barney Fein called. That character, that the 65-year-old Malkovich will be playing, would be based on Harvey Weinstein.

That last one was in October 2017, by a number of women accused of sexual misconduct. In the subsequent months, trading more and more women out there with similar stories about the Hollywoodmagnaat, who later resigned from his successful film studio The Weinstein Company. Meanwhile, a judicial investigation is underway into the allegations and Weinstein have been charged with five cases of sexual abuse. His trial will start in may of this year. Weinstein denies everything.

Malkovich, best known for films like ‘Being John Malkovich’, ‘Con Air’ and ‘Mulholland Drive’, has admitted that the play “some people might schofferen”: “a Lot of people are not able to appreciate”, it sounds. “But what can I do? I think it’s beautifully written.”

‘Bitter Wheat’ is in the Garrick Theatre in London premiered on 19 June and in september stepped up. The Weinstein scandal will also be the subject of several films. The production company of Brad Pitt has the rights to the story bought and director Brian De Palma is planning a horror movie based on the scandal.

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