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Iran is looking for a coach! Sportministerie is aiming at Zidane, Mourinho or Klinsmann as the new strong man

Carlos Queiroz announced Monday, just after the 3-0 loss in the semifinals of the Asian Cup against Japan, his retirement as coach of Iran. The Ministry of Sport of the Asian country the day after with a list of desirable successors, and hiding his ambition.

The decision-makers choose according to news agency Isna Zinedine Zidane, Jose Mourinho or Jürgen Klinsmann to Iran. How concrete the plans are, is not clear. The Iranian football federation FFI will anyway deep in the money pouch should grope for one of the succestrainers to attract, but that will not be easy. The financial resources of the federation are, among others, by the economic sanctions of the United States, are no longer inexhaustible.

Queiroz was there since 2011, the head of Iran. The FFI would be the Portuguese also just like on board, but he would allegedly not be able to pay. (belga)

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