Hiv virus was deliberately spread in South Africa

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Thirty years ago white South African paramilitaries experiments were carried out to the hiv virus artificial to spread among the black population. The members worked so to speak on a vaccine against the virus, but wanted to especially pass. In Mozambique, that would also be effective happened. That was revealed in a documentary last weekend premiered at the Sundance Festival.

‘By the year 2000, South Africa have a system that a white majority results. Religion in its conservative, traditional form will be again. Abortion, drug use and other excesses …

‘By the year 2000, South Africa have a system that a white majority results. Religion in its conservative, traditional form will be again. Abortion, drug use and other excesses of the sixties, seventies and eighties, will no longer exist in the post-day of aids.’ That statement was the documentary makers, in the minutes of Keith Maxwell, since 1964 a member of the South African Institute for Maritime Research (SAIMR, see box), where he later also the paste would swing.

Maxwell gave himself out as a doctor who worried about hiv infection. Only he had never got a medical degree and had his institute not noble intentions. Maxwell dreamed of a means, as appears from the minutes, that the black population would be cut off and the white supremacy would be cementation, without which there is demonstrable violence. The hiv-virus, that the end of the seventies came along, it had the weapon to make that dream a reality.

For that plan to unfold, drew Maxwell two groups of people for his institute: on the one hand, paramilitaries, which are everywhere in Africa armed dirty jobs refurbished and knew of the true intentions, and on the other hand, innocent scientists. Who were deployed to work in the clinics that Maxwell ran in the poor black suburbs of Johannesburg, or were in the laboratory looking for a vaccine.

Everyone trusted him

Maxwell had the hands free through the apartheidssysteem, says Alexander Jones, an ex-member and former agent of the South African secret service. ‘Blacks had no rights and no money. They were the easiest guinea pigs that were found’, he says in the documentary Cold case Hammarskjold. ‘They trusted the white philanthropist who came to help. And there was something wrong, than crowed, and I wouldn’t cock.’

His clinic in Putfontein still exists. The sign ‘doctor’ is dominated still by his name, and the people who live there remember there is still the well respected white man who came to help. All he did strange things, he claimed that he had a machine to their body to look and sprayed them with unknown substances.

In reality, tried Maxwell – an eccentric man who likes to be in a admiraalskostuum from the eighteenth century to pay tribute – that way as much as possible to collect information on the functioning of the virus, and how he could isolate and how he is then the easiest way focused could spread among people.

According to Alexander Jones remained in fact not in theory, or what experiments, but the operation was effectively set in motion. Not in South Africa itself. The first phase took place in Mozambique, says Jones. “We have the hiv-virus spread through medical intervention.’

Unsolved murders

In Mozambique ran the mission finally fixed after a series of unsolved murders on the employees that the true extent of the SAIMR wanted to reveal. One of them was Dagmar Feil, who in 1990 was murdered when leaving her house. She was a scientist with future, committed to the good cause, and had grown.

After they are in the base in Mozambique was confronted with strange practices of some colleagues, she wanted to go to the authorities steps. To be sure that that didn’t happen, was she, as well as three others, were silenced. ‘Maxwell went for anything back, ” says Jones. “If you had to or you were in one way or another a threat, then he let you off.’

Years searched the brother of Dagmar Feil to the truth, but the police were less than interested in her death. Until one day an envelope is received from an unknown man, probably an ex-SAIMR-member. There was the memoir of Maxwell, who died in 2006, and also the account of the operation of his institute.

It is on the basis of that paper that the filmmakers in their research have started and, ultimately, to the confessions of Jones came. “We are trying the white supremacy on the African continent to keep’, was the solemn oath that the top of the SAIMR had sworn. And Maxwell found that hiv that work for them could do so.

Active of the Congo to AngolaOfficieel loved the South African Institute for Maritime Research, as the name clearly must be, concerned with research programmes. So was, for example, to solutions for water pollution. But in the secret – there are indications, however, that the South African secret service at the time of the existence knew – there was also an extreme right-wing and anti-communist paramilitary organization under housed.The institute was not only in South Africa. It had in the 80’s as well in Mozambique as a headquarters, when the South African army, the rebels against the communist regime supported. It is clear from the testimonies in the documentary ” Cold case Hammarskjold’, referring to the murder of the eponymous UN envoy in the Congo. In a preview of the film was released last week, a Belgian pilot in the event that a role would have played in the shooting down of the plane of Hammarskjöld. An attack planned by SAIMR, as claimed Maxwell already. His commands were not only in the Congo active, they committed political killings or took part in fighting in Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Angola. According to the witnesses in ‘The Guardian’ and maintained they are also good contacts with the main Western intelligence agencies.

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