Five engineers were arrested after dambreuk Brazil

8d15fe96838848153fe80932df1c9a3f - Five engineers were arrested after dambreuk Brazil

In the framework of the research to the dambreuk in the Brazilian Brumadinho Tuesday five engineers in preventive detention taken. Two of them work for a German company.

The public prosecutor of the zuidoostelijkste state of Minas Gerais, where the dambreuk in the ijzerertsmijn Corrego do Feijaro has occurred, an operation is launched to be the ‘criminal responsibility of the company Vale to evaluate’.

The five engineers in the course of the morning arrested, two in Sao Paulo, the other three in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais. According to the public prosecutor’s office that three employees of the mijnbouwconcern Vale and they are ‘directly involved’ in the granting of ‘licenses’ for the mine to operate. The other two work for the German keuringsbedrijf Tüv Süd. This has in september a certificate that the dam was stable issued.

The preventive detention lasts up to thirty days. The parquet, the five hearings and has doorzoekingsbevelen issued.

The balance of the tragedy has in the meantime risen to at least 65 dead and 279 missing.

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