First two jawoorden in Blind Married a fact

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In the first episode of the fourth season of Blind Married, were already two full-mouth jawoorden. Jolene and Lenny and Joke and Stijn promised each other eternal fidelity.

Jolene (29) from Etterbeek and Lenny (36) from Temse may be man and wife. Account manager Jolene was impressed by her brand new husband: “It’s a beautiful man, I feel a little attracted to him. I think he’s a sweet man, but yet he also has something naughty. Our first private conversation after our marriage went without saying, that I had not expected.” Also manager Lenny was happy with Joliens appearance: “She looks very nice. Jolene is a fresh, cheerful appearance so I was at my convenience. It didn’t feel uncomfortable to kiss her, by the way. I have a straight a very positive feeling and look forward to the coming weeks.”

The 31-year-old Ghent teacher Joke and the 30-year-old account manager Stijn from Stekene, belgium were surprised to find each other at the altar to find. For the marriage bestierf Stijn it is almost of the nerves, but once he had a few words with Joke could switch, thawed him completely. “I would like someone with a sense of humor and a bit of a corner off, and I think that I Joke a partner in crime have been found. Joke is really a good-looking woman, and the first click was there immediately.”

Joke: “Look, Stu, definitely someone that I could fall. He really has such a warm and peaceful atmosphere, and I thought that was right nice of him. There was a lot of spontaneity, I found it fine to use right away myself. It was a wise day today. As the following days go like today, then we are doing a good job.”

The viewer is also made had already been introduced to Annelies and Joris, the third match. Or they have their consent to give to each other and who the other two couples, the spotlight on Monday 4 February to know in the second episode of Blind Married.

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