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Family of Michael Schumacher thanks fans for support: “Gives strength and energy”

0148eb57793f07088ac11f4dedf8d6fb - Family of Michael Schumacher thanks fans for support: "Gives strength and energy"

The family Schumacher yesterday on the official Instagram account of Michael Schumacher a photo with dankbericht posted online. The family thanks for showing the fans for the many statements of support.

On the photo next to the wife of Michael Schumacher, Corinna, is also the 21-year-old daughter Gina-Maria and his 19-year-old son Mick Schumacher. That latter has recently signed a contract with the Ferrari Driver Academy and seems to be more on the way to Formula 1.

“With this picture we wish you from the bottom of our hearts very hard, thank you for the warm greetings and best wishes that we the last weeks have received from you. They have given us tremendous power and positive energy given unto you!” saith it, in a communication to the picture.

“This is a very special year for Michael, a year in which he his fiftieth birthday and the twenty-five years ago that you his first world title in Formula 1 captured. It is nice to see that you, like us, a lot of fun and joy out of the celebration of his career.”

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